Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rivertown Ville De Rivere Geuze 6.2% ABV - Come Again?

Some days, I just think Cincinnati should be “Brewnati,” because we have so many different beer things happening that one cannot even keep up anymore. So here is the Ville De Rivere Geuze from our own Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House, 6.2% ABV and 8 IBU make up this 3 malt and 1 hop sour Geuze. Now if you are not familiar with the Geuze style, it is a type of Lambic that is done by blending a 1 year old Lambic with and a 2 to 3 year old Lambic, but with this brew it was a one and a three that was used and then allowed to mature in the bottle, but this was after it was already aged in oak wine barrels.

So knowing all of this, why would I not try this beer? Oak, like, wine barrels, like, Belgian style, like, sours, like…all I needed was a glass and then this review was off and going. Now, you can see the video to gather my thoughts on the beer, but the beer is definitely a pretty one from the pour and the aroma is on point for sure. But the taste did hit with more tart than I expected, which for me made it more like a tart bomb which was neither good nor bad but depending on your sour level and how much you like to pucker, it could be something to consider before trying this one. But as far as being a sour beer and of the Geuze style there was no mistaking that, it delivered, but I also think it over delivered on the tartness that was received which led to my Untappd score on this one being 3 out of 5.

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