Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mt. Carmel Oh My Darlin' Saisontine 7.1% ABV - Well Hello

The Oh My Darling Saisontine from Mt. Carmel Brewing Company is Saison Farmhouse ale that comes in at a little more than one would usually expect for this style of ale. The ABV on this ale is at 7.1% which is a little higher than expected and the IBU’s are at 26.5 which provide just enough of a hop kick in my opinion.

They talk about how they use a heavy dose of fruit for this beer and that does come through for sure, almost making alike an IPA in the aroma and taste, but then on the back end that familiar aroma of Saisons does emerge. The beer itself is one of their non-year round offerings and they note it as a Summer sipper, although I found it to be more suited for a late Summer feel myself or even a Fall offering.

You can see the review here to hear my more detailed thoughts on the beer, but overall I found it to be pleasing enough. It didn’t knock me back or really surprise me, but it handled itself fine enough that I would probably drink it again if need be. My Untappd score on this one: 3.25 out of 5.

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