Monday, December 26, 2016

Give Me Five With Adelbert's Brewery

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Sarah Zomper Haney, General Manager and Marketing for Adelbert’s Brewery out of Austin, Texas about taking a look at their beers for some reviews per her asking. Those reviews can be and will be found on the site here, but we also had the chance to look at featuring the brewery for a “Give Me Five” segment which you will find here. I am pleased for the opportunity to find out more about the brewery and also bring that information to you.

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1) When did the brewery become established?

The brewery was founded in late 2011.

2) How did you come about starting the brewery?

Scott Hovey was an avid home brewer who was ready to leave his former career in engineering. He went to a Craft Brewery Conference and fell in love with bottle conditioned ales.

3) What makes the brewery unique?

We use a multi-temperature decoction mash to extract more flavors from the grains. It's not something every brewery does but it creates more complex flavors that we're aiming more. We bring in all of our grain from Belgium, the UK or the Czech Republic. In addition, about 80% of our hops used are European Noble Hops. We are as authentically made to a traditional Belgian as you can get in Texas. We also propagate our own yeast at the brewery.

In regards to barrel aging, we own over 300 barrels. Some have been aging for over four years! Our barrel aging program includes red wine oak, whiskey, rum and gin barrels!

4) Where do you envision the brewery heading in the future?

We did two major changes in 2016 that will direct the future of the brewery. First, was we introduced our first canned beers, Naked Nun and Hibiscus Saison. Canning is new for us but a direction we are focusing on heavily in the future. We will be introducing more sessionable, easy drinking beers in 2017, including a Mango Wit and a Blonde Ale.

Second, we switched to a brewpub status. In Texas, that means we can now sell beer to go directly from the brewery (production breweries, which we were before, cannot). This has opened up the opportunity for us to do offer taproom only releases. Currently, we are releasing a Barrel of Love 3-Bottle pack in the taproom. It has 2015 Barrel of Love (a whiskey barrel aged quad that spent nearly a year in the barrel and a year in the bottle), 2016 Barrel of Love and Blackberry Barrel of Love (a blackberry infused version). They come in an awesome gift box too. The Blackberry Barrel of Love is only available in our taproom.

5) How many offerings does the brewery provide?

At any given time, we are cranking 11+ styles of beer! We make ten year rounds in addition to special releases and barrel aged beers. Right now we have Vintage Monks, a sour blonde aged in wine oak barrels, bottle conditioning until its release in March 2017. We are also testing several of the fruited sours as we speak. Needless to say, it’s rarely a boring week at the brewery.


Adelbert’s Brewery seems to be on to something, and Austin, Texas, you seem in store for some great beer. Thanks again to Sarah for reaching out, check them out here: and here are some more images from the brewery in closing. Cheers!



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