Saturday, December 31, 2016

Beer Review: Uinta Jacked Be Nimble

Just when I think that I am done with pumpkin beers, I end
up finding Jacked Be Nimble from the Uinta Brewing Company. This pumpkin beer
is no ordinary one though, as it is an Imperial Pumpkin Ale coming in at 11%
ABV. Besides that fact, it is also a Black Pumpkin Ale aged in Bourbon Oak
Barrels, so how could I pass on it? Let’s see how it compares.

Commercial Description:

A jump from one of our seasonal favorites, this Imperial
Black Pumpkin Ale pours dark and is jacked with the taste of toasted oak and
rye. Pumpkin and spice aromas play with flickers of barrel-aged character kindling
tight bitterness and a bold caramel malt finish.

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