Saturday, November 5, 2016

Beer Review: Taft's Resolved Belgian On Location Quickie

Another on location review from BrewRiver Gastropub here in
Cincinnati, as I take a look at the Resolved Belgian Ale from Taft’s Ale House
which is one more Cincinnati Brewery. This Blonde Ale was created to give the
feel of what one would expect from a nice Belgian Ale. It comes on at a nice
5.8% ABV and sits nicely in the glass golden colored and capped by a nice white
head, which does dissipate quickly. But great notes and taste can be found in
this beer as well as a flavorful mouthfeel. The texture is a little thinner
than expected, bit overall it is a nice package with this beer. Take a quick
look at the video to see my other thoughts on this one.

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