Saturday, November 5, 2016

Beer Review: Lagunitas Equinox

From the Lagunitas Brewing Company comes Equinox, an 8.4%
ABV and 50 IBU American Pale Ale. This ale pours out a nice golden orange color
that does contain a slight haze, and is capped by a nice tightly packed and foamy
white head. The carbonation is able to be seen when placed against a light, and
some liveliness can be seen. The aroma presented displays tropical and citrus
notes along with a nice pine presence. Simcoe and Equinox hops are both used,
and seem to work nicely in tandem. As far as the taste, there is a sharp bite
on the initial but the finish features a nice crisp and refreshing break.
Equinox is another solid offering from Lagunitas, but check out my video for my
other thoughts on this one.

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