Saturday, November 5, 2016

Beer Review: Ballast Point Schooner Wet Hop Ale On Location Quickie

Available only on draft, the Ballast Point Schooner Wet Hop Ale
is a Pale Ale that is worth a taste. I happened to come across this beer on a
visit to the BrewRiver Gastropub in Cincinnati, and I decided to do a quick on
location review which you can see here. The beer itself comes in a 5.5% ABV and
25 IBU. What’s unique about this one would have to be the use of the Wet Hops,
which are hops that are picked off the vine and used in the brewing process
before they are dried and packaged as usual. The beer is hops used are 100%
Cascade and they are picked, shipped and put into the brew within 36 hours.
This beer definitely did shine and stand out with the freshness received in both
the aroma and taste. It is a recommend for any American Pale Ale fan and check
out my video here to gather my other thoughts on this refreshing beer.

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