Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rod J Beer Review: Talking Samuel Adams Boston Lager

The Boston Lager from Samuel Adams is what I would consider a
classic in its relevance to the craft beer movement and the work of Jim Koch.
This flagship beer played an integral part in the craft movement and really did
create a surge into many of the beers that we enjoy today.

This lager features some great qualities from it clear appearance
which is highlighted by its golden amber color and streaming carbonation, to its
balanced aroma of its malts and hops as well as its flavorful taste. At 4.9%
ABV it isn’t too heavy and still carries a decent texture which does avoid
being too thin and it leaves a nice crisp and refreshing feel. Check out the
video to get my other thoughts on this classic lager and feel free to let me
know your thoughts as well.

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