Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rod J Beer Review: Talking Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry IPA

Feeling a little romantic? If so then maybe the Romantic Chemistry IPA from Dogfish Head is a beer calling your name. This IPA comes in at a nice 7.2% ABV and packs a decent and not too overbearing 40 IBU.
The beer itself is highlighted by that of mangoes, apricots and ginger. It pours out a nice dark orange-copper color reminiscent of that sunset on a beach as one gazes across the ocean. Its head is a nice off white, pretty much bone color, which packs a good amount of foaminess and looks to leave a veil of lacing as it dissipates.
The notes of the aroma came out of the glass easily during my session with this ale. The mango climbed out of the glass and punched me in the nose, and was quickly followed up by the apricot. It was like a fruit bowl of notes, and then on the back end there was the dankness that I often expect from an IPA. The one thing that wasn’t as noticeable though was the ginger.
As far as the taste, I tended to really catch the Apricot that really came through. There was also some tangerine like qualities, but the apricot really stood out. There was that initial bitterness on the tongue, but the beer also offered a nice refreshing and crisp break, with no bitterness on the back end, and did have a good amount of juiciness. I also enjoyed how the flavors opened up in the mouth and the carbonation proved to be very palatable on this medium to full body beer.

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