Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rod J Beer Review: Samuel Adams Longshot Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Samuel Adams teamed up with home brewers through a
competition where the three finalists were all placed into a 6 pack to form the
Longshot Series. The Longshot Raspberry Berliner Weisse is one of these beers.
Out of the mind and created by Tim Thomssen of Nebraska, this Berliner Weisse
comes in at a 4% ABV and 8 IBU. It pours out a nice deep dark ruby red color
that is capped by an off-white head that carries through it some of the reddish
tone of what you see in the body. The aroma of the raspberry just climbs out of
the glass and the taste is like that of a raspberry jam without the toast,
although the tartness that follows is reminiscent of sweet tart candy. There is
some harshness to be expected on the finish from the carbonation, but nothing
too off putting. Overall, it is a decent beer, but check out my video to gather
my other thoughts on this beer.

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