Monday, October 24, 2016

Rod J Beer Review: Samuel Adams Longshot Neighborino

Samuel Adams teamed up with home brewers through a competition
where the three finalists were all placed into a 6 pack to form the Longshot
Series. The Longshot Neighborino Flanders Red Ale is one of these beers. Out of
the mind and created by Colin Foy of Ohio, this Flanders Red Ale brings
tartness in a 6.3% ABV and 10 IBU offering. Pouring a red amber color, the
cherry notes pretty much jump out of the glass. There are also some other berry
notes, but cherries do dominate. As far as the taste, this medium body ale does
pack some tartness and is reminiscent of a cherry lifesaver. Bitterness isn’t
as much of an issue, but it does carry high carbonation which can be felt on
the finish. However, the mouthfeel does come through pretty decent and thinness
is not an issue. Check out my video to hear more of my thoughts on this beer.

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