Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rod J Beer Review: Samuel Adams Longhsot Nanzer's Belgian Golden Ale

Samuel Adams teamed up with home brewers through a
competition where the three finalists were all placed into a 6 pack to form the
Longshot Series. The Longshot Nanzer’s Belgian Golden Ale is one of these
beers. Out of the mind and created by Kevin Nanzer of California, this Belgian
Golden Ale comes in at a 9.1% ABV and 18 IBU and brings with it a nice essence
of Belgian Ales. The beer itself provides a nice overall appearance as it is
golden orange in color with clarity that allows one to notice the lively
carbonation that takes place. The aroma dispenses nice notes of clove and
banana along with a slight tinge of the hops in the background that draws one
into the beer. A flavorful mouthfeel can also be expected as the taste is
Belgianesque and it proves to be pretty smooth on the finish. Check out my
video here to see my other thoughts on this somewhat well-balanced beer.

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