Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rod J Beer Review: Frankenmuth The Hef

The Hef is a classic type Hefeweizen and is another offering
from the Frankenmuth Brewery in Michigan. It comes in at a 5.2% ABV and 13 IBU,
and stacks up well to what is expected from this style. The beer pours a cloudy
golden amber orange color and is capped with a nice foamy white head. Aroma
notes that are quickly noticed include banana and clove, which are also a solid
part of this style. As for taste, one can expect an initial burst of flavor
creating a highly decent mouthfeel for its medium body. And on the finish,
there is a nice crisp break and a refreshing quality. The Hef is one that may
be a good fit for any fan of wheat beers, but check out my video to gather more
of my thoughts on this beer.

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