Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rod J Beer Review: Frankenmuth Brown Hound Dunkel

The Brown Hound Dunkel Lager is an offering from Frankenmuth Brewery out of Frankenmuth, Michigan. This classic Munich Dunkel Lager comes with some good character and it takes no time to see how this has been a past medal winner. It is a five grain beer that pours a dark cherry brown color topped with a tan quickly dissipating head. At 5.1% ABV it is one that is easily sessionable and at 22 IBU, it can provide a nice malt forward experience. It is a little thin on the taste, but it can make up from that with its very appealing mouthfeel. The beer itself provides a nice roastiness that is highlighted by coffee and chocolate notes.
Check out my video to gather my other thoughts on this Michigan beer.

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