Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Beer Review: Talking 3 Floyds Brewing Zombie Dust

From 3 Floyds Brewing Company comes the beer called Zombie
Dust, a 6.2% ABV American Pale Ale of pure goodness. This 50 IBU beer is one
that is sought after by many whenever it arrives, and I finally was able to get
my hands on a bottle. What did I think?

The beer itself poured out a nice soft golden orange color
with a slight bit of a chill haze. It’s appearance capped by a nice foamy white
head, but the aroma. Without even trying, notes of orange and grapefruit just
climbed out of the glass and drew me closer into the beer. The balance between
the notes of citrus and tropical was mesmerizing, and these were followed by a
nice dankness.

And then there was the taste, which offered a nice bouquet
of flavors on the initial mouthfeel. There was that initial bite to the tongue,
but the beer then settles down nicely ended with a crisp and refreshing break
on the back end. Harshness was nil and astringency was not an issue, it proved
to be a great medium body beer with a mouthfeel that had me wanting more. In
the end what was left was a nicely laced pint glass showing that it had once
been filled with a quality beer. This is one not to be missed for sure,
especially for any American Pale Ale lovers.

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