Monday, October 31, 2016

Beer Review: Mikkeller Mosaic Black IPA

The Mosaic Black IPA from Mikkeller proves to be yet another
pleasant surprise and pleasurable beer from the Denmark brewer. It comes in at
a 6.9% ABV and provides a nice hoppy experience from its 69 IBU. The color
poured is a nice deep black color, although toward the bottom there is a nice
reddish brown tint which illuminates the bottom nicely. The head is a nice tan
one and in my case, proved to have a nice amount of foaminess. The aroma provides
a nice amount of citrus and tropical tones, while the taste also does the same
and the finish is nice and dry with a refreshing crispness. Overall, this
medium body beer seemed to hit the spot but check out the video to see and hear
my other thoughts on this one.

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