Monday, September 26, 2016

Let's Talk Goose Island The Muddy - Video Beer Review #373

From Goose Island Brewing Company comes The Muddy, an American Imperial Stout that comes in at an ABV of 9% that is brewed with licorice root to create what they describe as “Amplified Sweetness.” One thing I like about this beer off the bat is the presentation from the label. It tells you just about all that is needed including the type of glass to use, how to pour, production date and how long to expect it to be good. They take the time to really inform the drinker, but now onto the beer.

The beer pours out a nice jet black color and is topped with a nice tan head that starts with some good foaminess and rockiness, before it starts to break down and leave behind some lacing. Since there wasn’t any way to see the carbonation, let’s take a look at the aroma.

The aroma does take a good whiff to initially come out of the glass, but it does grow as the beer warms. There are some good notes of toffee and caramel that provide a nice sweetness for the beer. The malts used, play out nicely in this malt forward beer and at a point come across as a candy sweetness.

But what about the taste, well, the beer carries a low bitterness upfront and a nice smooth taste. There is a nice creaminess in the texture, which adds a nice feel. There is that taste of the licorice but it does play out well even for me, as I am not the biggest fan of licorice. The body is that of a full body on the beer making it one a little more fitting for the Fall and Winter seasons. As far as other key notes about the flavors, they tend to get around the mouth nicely and there is a nice long duration. This is one more beer that also would pair up nicely with a cigar.

All in all, this is a nice offering from Goose Island. The beer is carbonated well and carries a nice strong texture as well as a great mouthfeel. If you are looking for a beer, especially one that may be like a dessert beer, give this one a shot.

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