Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Let's Talk Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple - Video Beer Review #369

From California’s Anderson Valley Brewing Company comes the
Brother David’s Triple, this Abbey Style Ale comes in at a nice 10% ABV and
with a subdued IBU of 15. As a Belgian Triple, it does seem to do well with
paying homage to the style.

The color of the beer that is poured is a nice golden amber
color with a head that is white but dissipates in a rapid fashion. It is a
bottle conditioned beer as there are some pieces of yeast that you may notice
inside of the beer. Nothing to worry about there, but if you are not a fan then
just know to be cautious with your pour as you proceed with doing so. Also on
the appearance, there is a noticeable haze so clarity did not show to be as

Turning to the aroma, I will start by saying that there is a
nice complexity. The notes of coriander, clove, and orange blossom all come
together to form a nice sweet smelling concoction. There are also some notes
that are reminiscent of honey. There is some breadiness as well in the aroma
from the yeast, but the hops definitely take a back seat.

As far as the taste, the initial flavor brings a nice burst
that gets all around the mouth and into the cheeks area. There is a slight
bitterness as well as a nice little spice kick from the hops, but it does
smooth out quickly and is followed up by what are a nice creaminess as well as
a crisp break on the back end. The texture is very sturdy and holds together
well in the beer, the carbonation is not too heavy, and the body is definitely
a full one.

All in all, this beer is a very good one across the board in
my opinion. It is one that you don’t want to rush through. Take your time with
it, relax with it, and put your feet up with it. This beer does also make a nice
pairing for a cigar.

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