Saturday, September 17, 2016

How Is Anchor's Anchor Steam Beer - Video Beer Review

Anchor Brewing stands alone as the only brewery that makes
steam beers. This technique has been trademarked by them and the only
representation of this California Common is their Anchor Steam Beer. It is also
listed as one of the 1,001 beers that you must taste before you die.

This 4.8% ABV beer pours out as a nice amber colored beer
with a just off-white head, which forms a nice rockiness. As this head
dissipates, what is left is a nice remembrance of it through its laced

The aroma produced is a nice and sweet, and caramel notes
climb out of the glass with the malt forwardness. It doesn't take much to get
it out of the glass.

As for the taste, I can best describe it as a nice
smoothness. There is that little initial bitter to the tip of the tongue, but
it doesn't last long and what is left is a nice crisp and refreshing flavor. It
opens up nicely, and the texture at 4.8% is not too thin. This actually helps
to make it feel more toward a medium body than light body beer, but it's not
heavy as the carbonation is even subdued.
Overall, this is a pretty decent beer that would pair well
with a cigar. As for food, it does pair nicely with Indian food as this is
where I have enjoyed it in the past. It went really well with the spices from
the food.

Solid all around, I say give this beer a try for sure.

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