Monday, September 12, 2016

Arbor Brewing Mafka - Video Beer Review #364

The Mafka from Arbor Brewing is a 5% blended sour ale. Three sours are used to make this beer, which is also soaked on staves of Velvet Hammer casks.

The beer itself is dark brown in color with a pretty good foamy beige head. The aroma of cherries jump nicely out of the glass, and to me is reminiscent of wine. 

My initial taste provided a nice burst of flavor with some slight bitterness initially, and of course some tartness. The texture was slightly thin, but the flavor does get around the mouth nicely with a good duration. But the ending does leave something to be slightly desired, as it just seems to fade out with no real break or ending.

Overall, it is a decent medium-body brew and it leaves some nice lacing behind as well. 

Overall Rating: 2.75 / 5

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