Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Beer Review: Huma Lupa Licious Brings Da Hops! ��

Huma Lupa Licious’ name derives from the hop plant, Humulus lupulus. It
is Short’s best-selling India Pale Ale. Huma Lupa Licious is brewed with
five different hop varieties, providing a punch to the palate. Between
the beer’s abundance of hops, and the type of hops used in its creation,
it has a delicious bitter taste and enticing citrus aroma. The hearty
malt bill melds well with the hops for a perfect balance. Huma is the
product of Joe Short wanting to create the ultimate IPA experience.
Originally, Huma Lupa Licious was named Humulus Lupulus Maximus, and
went through several recipe changes before settling on the recipe we
know and love today.

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