Sunday, March 13, 2016

Give Me Five With Atwater Brewery

During a recent beer festival, I happened to catch up with Jeff Janisse who serves in the role of Director of National Accounts for Atwater Brewery which is based out of Detroit, Michigan. We were able to have a great conversation with the brewery which led to me being placed in contact with Chelsea Iadipaolo. With her help and input, here is a new Give Me Five with Atwater Brewery.

1. When did the brewery become established?

The brewery was established in 1997. The current owner Mark Rieth took over outright in 2007.

2.  How did you come about starting the brewery?

After Mark's time working in a corporate environment with Toyota, he had the opportunity to come back to Michigan and take his passion for brewing to the next level.

3. What makes the brewery unique?

Our traditional German lagers and boutique ales mean that we have a strong and DIVERSE portfolio. We've been making lagers for almost 20 years, even before it was cool. On the other hand, we've never been afraid to experiment i.e. our extremely popular Blueberry Cobbler Ale.

4. Where do you envision the brewery heading in the future?

We see continued expansion into markets that make sense for us like Georgia, New York and New Jersey, while maintaining our presence in our home state of Michigan.

5. How many offerings does the brewery provide?

There are 28 unique craft beers in the market with the flagships being Dirty Blonde, Vanilla Java Porter and Going Steady IPA.  

Wow, so as you can see, Atwater Brewery has a lot of good things taking place and they are positioned for even more growth. Two of their newer beers that have just been recently launched are Cash For Gold and Tunnel Ram. As one that has had the opportunity to taste them, both are worthy of consideration.

I want to thank Jeff and Chelsea for sharing a lot of this information and make sure to keep an eye out for their beers. Have you had them already? Comment and let me know what you think below at the end of the post. I always love hearing feedback.

Cheers and remember to keep drinking good craft beers!




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