Saturday, February 6, 2016

Golden Monkey, You Are A Smooth One

I am a huge fan of Tripels, so this is one that caught my interest pretty quickly as I saw it listed on the bar menu. It took no time for me to say, please bring me one. And in a few seconds it had arrived at my table and it's golden glow was poured in a flowing fashion into my glass.

Now, without even trying, I was already picking up notes of the floral aroma just climbing out of the glass. It's caramel sweetness just dancing through the air. The appearance was a nice golden color, and it was beckoning for me to dig in and enjoy.

I lifted the class holding this 9.5% ABV of goodness and its hidden 25 IBU of bitterness that seemed to lay below the surface waiting to find it's way to my palate. I took the first sip and then the second, and the mouthfeel even being a full one just glided over my tongue, while it tickled my taste buds before it departed down my throat. There was no taste of alcohol as it induced its crisp finish and left as smoothly in the end as it had been in the beginning. What was left was the duration of the malts still swirling around leaving a great mouth pleasure.

Yes, the Golden Monkey had delivered and I was pleased. I bowed to its deliciousness and I rated this one an A.

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