Thursday, August 13, 2015

Proper Title...Maybe it is Crafty

Another thought from my last visit to Chicago was what do we do with breweries like Goose Island and their place? Many have looked to exclude them as craft beers since they had been purchased by AB InBev, but they still produce a fine quality craft beer. I have heard companies like this beginning to be described as 'crafty." What are your thoughts?
I can see the "crafty" title, but do they really mass produce all of their beers? Just because they are owned by a larger company, should they automatically be kicked from the ranks of craft beer? I can personally say that there is nothing macro about the "Sofie" or the "Matilda" which I had the opportunity to enjoy as well as the "Green Line." And of course, their "Bourbon County Stout" is still a top of the line beer. 

Maybe we should just accept this new category of beers as we see more of the craft breweries being purchased. Chances are that it won't stop anytime soon. So as long as they don't screw with the formula, then maybe, we will just be okay.

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