Sunday, June 7, 2015

Chinese Food and Beer - A Good Night Out at AmerAsia

This past Saturday, the wife and I had dinner at one of our favorite places, KungFood Chu's AmerAsia in Covington, Kentucky. This is a great little place that features some of the best Chinese food in the Cincinnati region and on top of that, some of the best beer selection for any establishment. During our time there, I was able to sample three new beers: 2 from Rhinegeist and one from Apocalypse Brew Works. Both are regionally local breweries, Cincinnati and Louisville and as I always, I try to support the local movements as we all should. As far as the food, I went with the Mongolian beef, chicken wings and a spicy egg roll. But we are here to talk beer so let's get at it.

My first choice was the Rhinegeist Stryker.

This beer featured a good off-white head with good lacing as well as a nice clarity with an amber hue. There was a smooth pine taste that complemented the dankness of the aroma very nicely. As for the texture, it was creamy with a crisp finish and an average duration. The mouthfeel was very pleasant and there was no taste of the alcohol. A really good balance of the hops and malts considering that the IBU is 100. I would have expected more a citrus aroma being an IPA, but it seemed that it may have been lost to the hops. On a five point scale, I rank this one as a solid four. For this beer the ABV is 10.8 % with an IBU rating of 100.

The second choice was the Rhinegeist A-Side. 

This beer featured a solid amber color and a fruity aroma, although the hops seemed to be a little more faint on this one. But, the keg had actually kicked during the pour, so I only received a 1/2 pint so maybe that was part of the reason. As for the head, it poured an off-white head and although the taste was smooth, there wasn't as much bitterness as expected. There was some dankness, but it wasn't as strong as expected and there wasn't as much duration on the finish, although there was also not much astringency. This is one that I would like to taste again but as it stands on a five point scale, I have to rank this one as a solid two and a half. For this beer the ABV is 6.4% with an IBU of 75.

Fallout Dust

The third choice was the Apocalypse Brew Works Fallout Dust. 

This beer featured a rocky off-white head that provided some nice lacing and a nice bright yellow hue with a good amount of carbonation activity. The aroma was a nice citrus lead by lemon and there was a nice balance of the hops and malt.There was really no astringency and came across as a very sessionable beer. The finish was nice, crisp and smooth, while the texture was slightly watery but fitting for this beer.As for body, it was what I would consider light. This would be a good beer to just sit back and enjoy while relaxing. I would rank this one a three out of five. For this beer the ABV is 4.6% with an IBU of 41.

All in all, it was a great trip out for dinner and if you are in the Cincinnati area and like Chinese food and beer then this is definitely a place that you should check out for a meal and a few pints. Always a good time and away from the drafts there are tons of bottles and cans to choose from as well. You will have many reasons to not order a macro-beer here.

KungFood Chu's AmerAsia  521 Madison Ave # B, Covington, KY 41011 (859) 261-6121

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