Friday, January 19, 2018

Creating Beer Head When Served With None

So, I was recently served a beer while out that actually was lacking in the head area. This
means all of the gasses and proteins were just lying there in the beer
unreleased and not doing so would lead to potential bloating down the line as I
drank through this beer. So check out my video to see a little trick to avoid
this and please all you establishment owners and managers teach and train your
people how to pour a proper beer. There are definitely too many that still
don't know how to do this correctly.

Quickie Beer News: Mendocino and Saratoga Join In - 1/19/18

Mendocino Brewing along with Saratoga Brewing seem to be the next to join the list of craft breweries closing their doors as I discuss in the video here. I’m not one ready to say a bubble popping may be emerging, but we may be starting to see the correction trend that many including myself have been expecting. Check out the video to see and hear my thoughts!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Quickie Beer News: Smuttynose Brewing Up For Auction - 1/18/18

So it seems that Smuttynose Brewing is the next well known small craft brewery to be dealing some changes, when this week it was announced that they would be up for auction on March 9th. As noted from the story discussed in the video, it seems production was only at the 50% capacity that was able to be done at the facility. I'm not ready to say there's a bubble about to burst but on the heels of Green Flash and their changes, craft beer breweries may be starting to see potential adjustments moving forward. Check out my video for more on this.

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