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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Getting My Beer On With Founders Dankwood Beer Review

I decided to bump this one up on the list of beers to share that I am currently reviewing or have currently reviewed. This is my look at the Dankwood from Founders Brewing Company. Recently released in the last few months, this 12.2% ABV Imperial Red Ale has been aged in Bourbon barrels and added to the Founders Barrel Aged Series of beers. The brewery will tell you that this is at a level of 65 IBUs, but they did a good job of smoothing out the bitterness with their using of the malts. For me, I found nice tones of caramel that at times felt somewhat toffee like. There was a level of booziness but it was not overpowering, and there was a nice sweetness to the flavor. The texture I felt was syrupy, but often it is for me with beers of this style. I mean this beer really just slid down my throat leaving behind a nice mouthcoating that held a nice duration. However, one of the best things I liked about it was that the IPA was not lost by being barreled, which I have found to be the case with others. It was definitely worth the pickup, and check out the video to see and hear more.

Side note: This beer has an availability of May-June according to the website.

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