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Friday, September 23, 2016

Let's Talk Founders Dirty Bastard - Video Beer Review #370

From Founders Brewing Company comes the Dirty Bastard. This Scotch Ale or Wee Heavy if you prefer, comes in at a nice ABV of 8.5% and an IBU level of 50. It pours out with a nice dark ruby like color with a tan or beige colored head. On my pour, I was able to pour a nice three finger head that had a nice compacting of bubbles.

As for the aroma, the ale provided nice malt sweetness, but it didn’t come out of the glass easily. There was an amount of decadence with the aroma, as it definitely came across as possibly being a nice dessert beer. There wasn’t much of a hop presence as this one was all malt forward.

The taste though is where this one shines more. It provides a nice smooth creamy texture to go with its full body presence, and also later creates a chewy sensation as the mouth becomes more exposed to the flavor. It is very well carbonated making it highly palatable. Both on the initial and finish, this one does deliver. And speaking of the finish, this one provides a nice duration to enjoy the flavor and also provides a hint of smokiness. There wasn’t any bad after taste effects that I noticed, and the aforementioned smokiness makes this ale a good choice to pair with a cigar.

All in all, this beer provides some great overall drinkability, and is one more that should be enjoyed over time and not rushed.

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