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For many establishments, the act of knowing the right beer selections or managing social media activity tends to be an issue. Why not look to make it easier? Rod J BeerVentures has surveyed numerous beers as well as conducted actual reviews on many and discussed them in great detail with numerous beer lovers as well as breweries. Why not lessen your burden and look at Rod J BeerVentures as stepping in to help you manage your beer needs. With the ability to keep you in the loop on the newest beers as we develop numerous connections in the beer industry, you will always be kept aware of beers that may be a perfect fit for your establishment.

So, you say that you know about beers and have a particular list of those you like. What about social media to keep your name out in front of people on the regular? How many people have the time to search all over to find the hottest beer news and products to tie back to their establishments to drive sales? Social Media has been a huge trend for businesses and is still underutilized. Rod J BeerVentures, who carries a Klout Score averaging 60, will be able to help you keep your name out in the social media marketplace and keep you noticed. If social media is an area of concern then contact Rod J BeerVentures to see how we can assist.

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